About Us

We are: Descrete, Private, Old School, and most importantly; No BS

We have been here since before the Web and thus tend to be a little "old school". However when you need something done that seems impossible, that's when you call us.

When the servers are locked up, the network engineers quit, and you're hemoraging money, we can get you going, hire and train new people and help you prevent it from happening again. And we do it privately, silently and in the background with the greatest of discretion.

As such our client list is not public and we typically operate by word of mouth.

We are small, no nonsense, and look at things from a perspective born of many decades in the business. No project or client is off the table but you must be aware that if you need us then you need to actually be willing to let us help you.

We look forward to it!

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